Keno Glossary and Tips

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All Or Nothing — A keno ticket that pays in two ways only: 1) If all the numbers you selected get drawn, or 2) If none of the numbers you pick get selected.

Blower — Plexiglas bubble from which keno balls are blown through a tube and drawn.
Bubble — A container made of see-thru plastic containing the keno balls.

Call — To draw the numbers for each game.
Catch — To catch a number means that a number you have marked on your keno ticket has been drawn.
Combination Way Ticket — A ticket in which groups of numbers are bet several different ways, allowing the player to spread money over several combinations.

Keno Board — A large electronic board that displays the winning keno numbers.
Keno Lounge — The main area within a casino where keno is played.
Keno Runner — A casino employee who shuttles your keno bet from wherever you are to the keno writer, and also delivers payment for winning tickets.
King — A single circled number. Works with other numbers to make a bet or way.
King Ticket — A way ticket that contains one or more kings.

Number Pool — The range of numbers from which you select the ones you want to play. A typical keno pool ranges from 1 to 80.

Spot — Any number from 1 to 80 that a player selects on a keno ticket. It also refers to the number of numbers that are marked on a ticket.
Straight Keno — The basic keno game, played by marking individual numbers on a keno ticket.

Touch Wand — A pointing device used on some video keno machines to select numbers.

Way — A separate bet on a ticket with more than one bet.
Way Ticket — A ticket that groups different numbers to create more than one way to win.

Keno tips:

Playing Keno and Video Keno is like picking your lottery numbers. There isn’t really much you can do to influence or predict the result. It is all down to luck.

In Video Keno, always play from 3 to 8 spots, and play the maximum amount of coins allowed.

Keno tips submitted by visitors.

  • The computer uses different algorithms to randomly pick numbers. Play your numbers in patterns instead of spreading them out all over.
  • In playing Keno remember the payouts and try to keep your winnings below what you have to pay taxes on. Usually I play 9 numbers for a max payout of 2500 on a quarter bet but I am really trying to get 8 out of 9 for a payout of 1175. Then you take your money home and don’t have to worry about old Uncle Sam.
  • Keep your numbers the same regardless of what you pick until you hit large on them. You will always come out ahead at least once. When you are, even if it is only by $1, cash out and do it again!
  • Try playing the top 2 lines. Play 1,2,5,10,11 and 2 others of choice. Vary your choices and you will hit at least 5/7 and probably 7/7 within an hour.